calendar_today January 18 2024, By Pieper Bar Review


Updated January 18 2024. Originally published January 18 2024

Vermont, home of the Green Mountains, Bernie Sanders, and some of the best skiing in the northeast has become the 10th state to adopt the NextGen Bar Exam, starting in July 2028. Developed to meet the evolving needs of the legal profession, this new approach aims to assess a candidate's readiness to practice law in a more comprehensive and practical manner.

The NextGen Bar Exam represents a significant shift in bar exam testing that requires examinees to know fewer foundational concepts and principles than the current UBE, but they must apply those concepts in additional ways.

Foundational Concepts and Principles Tested:

• Civil Procedure

• Contract Law

• Evidence

• Family Law (starting in July 2028)

• Torts

• Business Associations

• Constitutional Law

• Criminal Law

• Real Property


Foundational Lawyering Skills Evaluated:

• Legal Research

• Legal Writing

• Issue Spotting and Analysis

• Investigation and Evaluation

• Client Counseling and Advising

• Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

• Client Relationship and Management

The NextGen Bar Exam will initially roll out in some jurisdictions for the July 2026 bar exam. This innovative approach aims to ensure that lawyers are not only well-versed in foundational legal knowledge but also possess the practical skills necessary for the contemporary practice of law.  To review the format of sample questions, visit the NCBE Website.