calendar_today March 09 2023, By Pieper Bar Review


Updated March 09 2023. Originally published March 07 2023

Arizona now has the Highest UBE Score Requirement in the Country at 273

The Alaska Supreme Court reduced the state's passing score on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) from 280 to 270 putting it in line with more than 40% of the 41 states (including D.C.) that administer the exam.  Passing scores now range from 260 to 273, with Alabama, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, and North Dakota all requiring the 260, and Arizona sitting at the top with a 273.

For candidates interested in applying for admission in Alaska, the doors are wide open if you have scored a 270 or above within the past five years.  In fact, if you previously sat for the Alaska Bar Exam because you needed a score of 280 when you already had a score of 270 or higher, you can apply for admission via UBE Transfer if you scored a 270 or above within five years preceding the date of your application.

We realize that the change won't affect many people (when Troy and Damian Pieper took and passed the UBE in Alaska, there were fewer than 100 candidates sitting for the test), but it will certainly benefit a number of people who came in just under 280 within the past five years, and it may inspire others to apply for admission in Alaska.  It's a spectacularly beautiful place with great people, and Anchorage is a bustling port city (which generates commercial law jobs).