One-On-One Essay/MPT Review

Pick Three Essays or MPTs from our list of prior exam questions, write them, and get one-on-one feedback on how to improve your writing over Zoom.

Pick Three Essays or MPTs from our list of prior exam questions, write them, and get one-on-one feedback on how to improve your writing over Zoom.


The following is a list of essays and MPTs for you to choose from.  They are all licensed MEE and MPT questions that we’ve chosen because of the topics they cover or the organizational challenges they present.  Feel free to choose any of them, and if you’re looking for suggestions, start with the selections highlighted in Blue.  Once you've registered, we'll email you the essay and MPT files, you'll submit your responses to us, we'll grade and comment upon your work and return it to you (we try to turn things around in 48 hours or less).  Then you can select a time on our calendar to meet on Zoom for an hour to review your work.


Agency and Partnership

A&P 1 - Apparent Authority, Actual Authority, Partner’s Liability for Contracts of the Partnership, Partner’s Right to Payment for Services Performed for Partnership - Liability of partners in a garbage collection business for various partnership liabilities.

A&P 2 - Agency - Apparent Authority, Actual Authority, and Agent’s Liability when Principle Undisclosed - Agent enters into a series for contracts for lenses, computer chips, and lawn mower shut-off switches.  

A&P 3 - Agency - Respondeat Superior, Employee vs. Independent Contractor, Scope of Employment, Indemnification, and Negligence Per Se - Furniture store delivery driver double parks the delivery van and plaintiff is injured when car skids into oncoming traffic trying to avoid it.

A&P 4 - Partnership - Partnership Formation, Authority of Partners to Bind Partnership, Dissociation - Liability of partners in a radiology practice when one partner elects to leave.


Civil Procedure

Civ Pro 1 - Personal Jurisdiction, Subject Matter Jurisdiction, Supplemental Jurisdiction, and Venue - Hunting accident between man and woman.

Civ Pro 2 - Personal Jurisdiction, Long Arm, Subject Matter Jurisdiction, and Supplemental Jurisdiction - Rooftop super solar panels & material misstatements.

Civ Pro 3 - Joinder, Impleader, and Indemnification - Woman injured in car accident joins manufacturer of her car, driver of other vehicle, and ambulance company in one action, and manufacturer of car seeks to implead manufacturer of seat belt.

Civ Pro 4 - Claim Preclusion, Issue preclusion, and Non-Mutual Collateral Estoppel - Two separate actions arise out of accident involving car driven by son and owned by mother.  

Civ Pro 5 - Subject Matter Jurisdiction, Class Actions, Erie, and Standing - Health care provider’s computer system is hacked and attorney brings class action on behalf of former patients whose records were exposed.

Civ Pro 6 - Conflicts, Motion to Dismiss, Insufficient Service, and Choice of Law - Woman signs employment contract with Taxes, a tax preparation company, including a non-compete provision, quits, and opens a competing business in another state.


Conflict of Laws  

(Note that Conflicts is always paired with another topic and not its own essay)

See Civ Pro 6

See Decedents’ 4

See FL 4



Contracts 1 - Contract Formation, Mailbox Rule, and Rejection vs. Acceptance -  Renowned pastry chef is offered employment and he disagrees with the proposed annual salary.  

Contracts 2 - Material Breach and Substantial Performance - Fleet of energy-efficient cars not repaired by the date called for in the contract.

Contracts 3 - Breach, Expectation Damages, and Consequential Damages - Contractor fails to complete construction of theater so property owner has to pay another builder to complete the job for a greater cost and also loses out on the profits he would have earned at a film festival.  

Contracts 4 - UCC Article 2, Contract Formation, and Options - Gardner offers to sell her all of the tomatoes she grows in her garden to the owner of a restaurant, but sells them to someone else.

Contracts 5 -  Assignment and Third-Party Beneficiary - Homeowner enters deal with house painter and assigns his contract to a neighbor.


Constitutional Law

Con Law 1 - First Amendment, Freedom of Religion, Public Forum, Limited Public Forum, Non-Public Forum - Restrictions on speech on a sidewalk, in a school, and in a principal’s office.

Con Law 2 - Equal Protection and 14th Amendment Enforcement Clause - Constitutionality of laws requiring firefighters to be under the age of 50

Con Law 3 - 11th Amendment, State Immunity, Commerce Clause, Dormant Commerce Clause - Banks challenge the constitutionality of a state law requiring them to use biometric ID to verify payments over $10,000.

Con Law 4 - Takings Clause - Restaurant challenges city ordinance requiring halogen floodlights for businesses and the grant of a permit conditioned upon an easement as takings.

Con Law 5 - First Amendment, Public Figure, Actual Malice Standard - Reporter publishes inaccurate story about a married criminal defense attorney having an affair with a celebrity.


Corporations and LLCs

Corporations 1 - Fiduciary Duties of Directors and Interested Director Transactions - Directors of real estate development company approve the sale of a property to an LLC owned solely by members of the board.

Corporations 2 - Fiduciary Duties Owed to Subsidiaries and Interested Director Transactions - Shareholder in a subsidiary, HomeSolar Inc., sues parent for failing to issue dividend and forcing subsidiary to enter certain contracts.  

Corporations 3 - Corporate Formation and “De Facto Corporations” - Woman and man form a company called Solar Inc. but leave information out of their Articles of Incorporation.

LLC 1 - Limited Liability, Fiduciary Duties, and Piercing the Corporate Veil - Managing member of LeaseAll LLC fails to renew insurance policy and customer is injured by chainsaw.

LLC 2 - LLC Formation, Actual Authority, Apparent Authority, Business Judgment Rule, and Dissociation - A brother, sister, and cousin open a bike shop and the brother decides he wants out of the business.

LLC 3 - Limited Liability, Fiduciary Duties, Derivative Action, and Judicial Dissolution -  Acme, a manufacturer of construction materials forms an LLC with Brown Construction and votes against bringing a claim against itself based on defective concrete.  


Criminal Law and Crim Pro

Crim Law 1 - Murder, Mens Rea, Voluntary Manslaughter, Self Defense, Felony Murder - Boyfriend and girlfriend charged with various crimes after robbery of a pawn shop.

Crim Law 2 - Burglary, Robbery, Larceny, and Receipt of Stolen Property - Man trades a print for a painting with a neighbor and then retrieves the print from the neighbor’s house.

Crim Law 3 - Involuntary manslaughter, mens rea, legal cause, accomplice.  Defendant dumps marbles into intersection, cars collide, child killed.

Crim Pro 1 - 4th Amendment, Reasonable Suspicion, and Miranda Rights - Whether statements made to police about student’s involvement in convenience store robbery were obtained in violation of his Constitutional rights.  

Crim Pro 2 - 4th Amendment, Probable Cause, Seizure, and Miranda Rights - Pretextual stop of automobile for minor traffic violation.  

Crim Pro 3 - Right to Counsel and Waiver - Whether statements taken from DUI suspect violated his rights to counsel.


Decedents’ Estates

Decedents’ 1 - Will Execution, Incorporation by Reference, Anti-Lapse, and Abatement - Testator signs will at dinner party with three witnesses.

Decedents’ 2 - Advancement, Slayer Rule, and Intestate Distribution - Dorothy dies with a will leaving property to her six grandchildren, including one who negligently killed her backing out of her garage.

Decedents’ 3 - Abatement and Renunciation - Testator leaves various bequests to beneficiaries but does not have enough assets in his estate to cover the bequests.  

Decedents’ 4 - Conflicts, Law Governing Distribution of Property, Holographic Wills, Non-Marital Children, and Adopted Children - Zach dies with property in different states, a handwritten will, and three children.

Decedents’ 5 - Undue influence and Intestacy - Housekeeper asks businessman to add her to will.



Evidence 1 - Hearsay, Identification, and Character Evidence - Admissibility of statements about a robbery where the robber approached from behind, gun to victim’s back, and demand package containing jewelry.

Evidence 2 - Hearsay, Impeachment, and Spousal Communications Privilege - Admissibility of testimony about a victim’s identification of his attacker following his stabbing.

Evidence 3 - Hearsay and Confrontation Clause - Admissibility of statements following a 911 call regarding a domestic violence incident.

Evidence 4 - Character Evidence, Opinion, and Habit Testimony - Admissibility of testimony after driver struck pedestrian and victim’s concussion affected her memory.

Evidence 5 - Cross-examination, Impeachment, Character Evidence, Extrinsic Evidence, Refreshing Recollection - Objections to cross examination following injuries from a table saw


Family Law

FL 1 - Divorce, Divorce Jurisdiction, and Equitable Distribution - Husband moves out of state and wants to obtain a divorce/divide his and his wife’s assets.

FL 2 - Premarital agreement, Equitable Distribution, and Child Custody - David and Meg enter into a premarital agreement, have a child, and divorce.

FL 3 - Enforcement of Child Support in Another State, Jurisdiction to Modify Child Custody, Modification of Child Support and Child Custody - Wife moves 600 miles away for a new job and brings son, planning for him to visit Husband over the summer.

FL 4 - Conflict of Laws, Common Law Marriage, Bigamy, Equitable Distribution, and Visitation Rights of a “De Facto Parent” - Andrew and Brenda cohabit and have a child in a state where common law marriage is recognized, she later marries Daniel and wins the lottery.


Real Property

Real Property 1 - Unrecorded Easements, Notice, and Covenant Against Encumbrances - Whether man takes property subject to unrecorded gas line and power line easements on the property.

Real Property 2 - Concurrent Estates, Recording Statutes, BFP, and Equitable Conversion Doctrine - Farm conveyed to two sisters and one of the sisters mortgages and then sells her interest.

Real Property 3 -  Lease Assignment, Surrender of Lease, Constructive Eviction, and Liability for Rent - Commercial tenant assigns lease to doctor who vacates premises when the furnace fails during freezing weather.

Real Property 4 - Requirements in a Deed, Adverse Possession, Notice, and BFP Status - Whether BFP takes property free from the interest of property holder who has been in possession for 11 of the past 20 years.

Real Property 5 - Zoning, Non-Conforming Use, Future Advances Mortgage, Priority between Bank’s Mortgage and Mechanic’s Lien - Owner of a convenience store seeks to expand the store after a zoning change from “light commercial” to “residential.”  


Secured Transactions

Sec Trans 1 - Attachment, Perfection, PMSI, and Effects of Sale of Collateral on Security Interests - Astronomy borrows money secured by an interest in its inventory and then sells a telescope to a customer.

Sec Trans 2 - Attachment, Perfection, Description of Collateral, Priority of Secured Creditor vs. Judicial Lienholder, Notice to Debtor of Collateral Sale - Stereo company borrows money from bank giving bank a security interest in all of its collateral and allowing the bank to take possession of a valuable gramophone.  

Sec Trans 3 - Attachment, Perfection, Fixtures, and Interests in Collateral - Proton Therapy Company grants a mortgage to a bank to purchase real property and separately borrows money from a finance company to purchase medical equipment that is installed on the premises.

Sec Trans 4 - Attachment, Perfection, Security Interest in Accounts, and Liability of Account Debtor - Construction company gives bank a security interest in its future accounts, defaults, and bank notifies account debtor to make payments directly to bank.



Torts 1 - Negligence, Duty, and Psychiatrist’s Duty to Warn - Former student attacks a student dormitory library and student seeks damages for her injuries.

Torts 2 - Negligence, Products Liability, and Proof of Negligence - Man injured after eating chicken salad contaminated with salmonella sold that he bought at a library book club event.

Torts 3 - Negligence, Slip and Fall, Reasonableness of Disabled Child’s Conduct, Injuries Caused by a Rescuer, and Joint and Several Liability - Visually impaired child is injured when he slips on a cake on the floor of a store.

Torts 4 - Battery, Consent, Strict Products Liability, and Eggshell Skull - Opera patron resists frisk at metal detectors and is injured when subdued by a defective stun gun.

Torts 5 - Strict Liability, Negligence, Abnormally Dangerous Activity, Independent Contractor Liability, and Danger Invites Rescue - Woman is injured when fireworks hit the dock where she is sitting.



Trusts 1 - Discretionary Trust and Spendthrift Protection - Trustee’s obligations and discretion to pay for beneficiary’s hospital care, child support, and loan used to purchase computer gaming system.

Trusts 2 - Pour Over, Revocable Lifetime Trust, Amendment of Trust, Interpretation of Trust Language, and Substitute Takers - Husband and wife sign wills agreeing to leave assets to existing trust that she amends before her death.  

Trusts 3 - Discretionary Trust, Trustee as Fiduciary, and Cy Pres - Settlor leaves money in trust for his children, David and Edna, and to his alma mater.  

Trusts 4 - Revocable Lifetime Trust, Special Power of Appointment, and Right of Election - Settlor creates revocable lifetime trust for her children and in her will leaves a portion of the trust to her grandchildren.  




MPT 1 - In re Rose Kingsley ‐ Objective Memorandum on attorney fee‐splitting agreements

MPT 2 - Ronald v. DMV ‐ Persuasive Memorandum on reasonable suspicion and blood alcohol content

MPT 3 - In re Zimmer Farm - Objective Memorandum whether the noise from a bird rescue project started by a farmer’s son amounted to a nuisance about which taxpayers were complaining

MPT 4 - In re Mills - Objective Memorandum evaluating whether there is an enforceable contract between the client (an event planner) and a group running a two-day spring festival, and what damages the client might be able to recover if she brought an action for breach of contract.

MPT 5 - In re Franklin Forum - Objective Memorandum explaining whether newspaper (client) is protected by the First Amendment from liability for the torts of fraud, breach of duty of loyalty, and trespass when their reporters went undercover to expose misleading sales tactics

MPT 6 - State v. White - Persuasive Brief in support of the Motion to Quash a Subpoena demanding production of a social worker’s report on the grounds of privilege.

MPT 7 - State v. Kilross - Legal Argument Section of Brief in support of pretrial motion to exclude the use of certain evidence at trial where client is charged with robbery of a liquor store.

MPT 8 - Monroe v. Franklin Flags Amusement Park - Persuasive Argument Section of Brief in support of a motion for summary judgment regarding plaintiff’s negligence claims against firm’s client

MPT 9 - State of Franklin v. McLain ‐ Persuasive Brief in Support of Motion to Suppress Evidence and in Support of Motion to Dismiss drug charge

MPT 10 - In re Madert - Persuasive Letter to attorney explaining that noise emanating from his clients’ house constitutes a nuisance and providing constructive suggestions for abating the nuisance.

MPT 11 - Reynolds v. Preferred Medical Providers - Persuasive Letter to client’s insurance company’s attorney rejecting a demand to arbitrate and arguing why the Federal Arbitration Act and the Medicare Act do not preempt a state statute

MPT 12 - In re Suarez - Persuasive Letter rejecting demand that client reimburse landlord for repairs required by the local government.

MPT 13 - MPT In re Kiddie Gym Systems - Opinion letter to client regarding liability for playground equipment destroyed in a fire as well as client’s responsibility for shipping and handling charges on a separate contract

MPT 14 - Williams v. A‐1 Automotive Center ‐ Objective Memorandum on whether statements of auto repair shop owner are actionable and requiring bar candidate to draft causes of action for fraud claims

MPT 15 - MPT In re Field Hogs, Inc. - Objective Memorandum analyzing whether an arbitration clause would protect client against tort claims, also requiring applicants to draft an arbitration clause



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