Specialized Essay Review

Strengthen your writing abilities working one-on-one with a tutor. Learn how to draft thorough, well-organized essays through our Specialized Essay Review.


Writing comprises 50% of the Uniform Bar Exam and is one of the most difficult and crucial practices to master. In addition to the essay writing and MPT workshops included in the Full Course, Pieper is now offering a specialized essay (and MPT) review that gives students the opportunity for personalized review and critique of four MEE essays and two MPTs with one of Pieper’s attorney graders in one-on-one phone conversations as well as detailed and in-depth assessment of each assignment. By working with the same attorney grader, he or she can identify students’ weaknesses and then track their progress as they continue to write. In addition to receiving a grade, students receive extensive feedback and a model answer for review, plus 30 minutes reviewing each submission on the phone (up to 3 total hours for the six submissions) with the attorney grader.

This invaluable feedback will pinpoint and address weaknesses as well as foster an understanding of what bar exam essay graders look for. It is a comprehensive and effective way for students to learn and reinforce good habits in their bar exam writing.

Take the Specialized Essay Review and learn how Pieper People Pass.