Concentrated Weekends

Succeed with this carefully constructed program designed for the working person who received a UBE score of 250 or above.


Retaking the exam is, for many people, more difficult than taking the exam the first time. You’ll confront mental fatigue and doubt that you never experienced in your first attempt, and more problematic, you may find yourself with less time to prepare for the exam.

If your work and personal responsibilities prevent you from devoting the time required to participate in another Full Bar Review Course, you still don’t have to study alone. In Pieper’s Concentrated Review (recommended for working students with a prior UBE score of 250 and above), you’ll get the guidance and structure you need to solidify your knowledge of the law, plus have our team of Pieper attorneys available to provide valuable feedback on your written assignments and answer your substantive questions.

The Pieper Concentrated Review includes the following features to assist you toward success on the bar exam:

Personal Attention: Weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions with Troy Pieper, including as soon as you’re ready, a 30 minute session to design a personalized study schedule so you have a strategic plan of attack right from the start. Through these four hours of tutoring (a $1,300 value) you’ll have access to Troy’s expertise and rest better knowing he’s right there with you.

Flexible Study Schedule: Start when you are ready, and work at your pace and on your terms. Spend less time in class and more time memorizing the law and practicing.

  • Concentrated Substantive & Skills-Based Lectures: 50 hours of lecture to succinctly review and cover the UBE subjects while simultaneously working with actual MBE, MEE, and MPT questions to hone essential skills.
  • Written Materials and Workbooks: Pieper’s six volumes of substantive UBE outlines and MBE, MPT, and MEE workbooks containing practice questions and answers.
  • More Practice Questions: Over 600 additional MBE practice questions beyond the 1,500 contained in the Pieper workbooks.
  • More Feedback: Weekly, personal feedback on MEEs and MPTs.

So, how does the Pieper Concentrated Review work? Before starting with the first lecture (Contracts and UCC-2) you’ll study your own Contracts and UCC-2 bar review notes and outlines as if the bar examiners were going to test you on those subjects in exactly one week. That means devoting every available moment from now until then reviewing the material so that you’re familiar with everything, from basic definitions to exceptions to the exceptions.

After that week of study, you’ll view Lecture 1, which will provide a thorough recap of Contracts and UCC-2 while integrating MBE and MEE questions as each substantive subtopic is discussed. Ideally, the weekly lectures will serve as recap, reassuring you that you adequately prepared the week before and now are prepared to sit for the exam (at least within the substantive areas covered that week). Perhaps more important, the lectures will serve as a safety net; you’ll likely find that there are concepts that you thought you understood before, while in reality, you were missing parts of the big picture. In this way, the Concentrated Review will solidify and build upon your knowledge of the law so that you reinforce your understanding of key details, fill in gaps in your knowledge, and avoid recycling any misconceptions.

You’ll then review and draft as part of Lecture 1 a Contracts and UCC-2 MEE, and, after completing the lecture, you’ll submit a Contracts and UCC-2 essay for personalized substantive and organizational feedback. You’ll also learn tips on how to approach and conquer Contracts and UCC-2 MBE questions (so that, e.g., you’ll be more likely to pick the correct answer once you’ve narrowed your choices to two) and you’ll complete additional Contracts and UCC-2 MBE questions for homework.

Next stop is week two, where you again will work independently as described above in preparation for Lecture 2 (Constitution Law and Decedents’ Estates). You’ll progress like this through the seven weeks of lectures, each week touching base one-one with Troy who will monitor your progress and keep you on target. Following this course of study, you’ll study and thoroughly review the entire UBE in 7 weeks, leaving you ample time in the final weeks leading up to the UBE to run through the material again, practice, and work on your timing.

In sum, the Pieper Concentrated Review will help you avoid the pitfalls of studying by yourself and help you make the most efficient use of your limited study time so you can best position yourself to pass the exam.

Take the Concentrated Weekends and learn how Pieper People Pass.